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Vedic Hindu marriage is viewed as sacramental, which is a lifelong commitment of one wife and one husband. It is the strongest bond between a man and a woman, which takes place in the presence of their parents, relatives, and friends. This an irrevocable commitment for a lifetime. For a Hindu, marriage is the only way to continue the family, and thereby repay, his debt to his ancestors. The most important thing is that all the Hindu God and Goddesses are also united in this manor. Marriage is for spiritual growth and a way of learning many things in life through experience. In other words, it is a perfect way of following the holy law of the Creator.I during my ceremony keep  the audience well informed and attentive so every one feels part of the ceremony find it entertaining full of new information. To me crowd control on a large scale designer weddings  is a second nature.Every one photographers video camera get the opportunity and the encouragement to put in their best .I perform the wedding ceremony at our shree shakti mandir as well ,a persons budget or the ability to pay never is an obstacle my motto is every one is equal in the eyes of the Gods and the Goddess. I`m proud that I have done wedding ceremony where there has only been myself and the bride and of course the bridegroom in front of our God AND Goddess, as well as large scale designer weddings with crowd of up to 1,000 .

First there is ENGAGEMENT:

Vaag-Daan, Tilak & Sagun (Engagement): An Engagement is formal announcement by the respective parents of the bride and the bride groom that they wish to unit as family through this marriage set at  a future date .As usual Ganpati poojan is done followed by rituals of each particular family such as , Sawapanchana, Chandlomatli Tika Sagoon . 


Lord Ganesh is worshipped for success of the ceremony. Chudda is given by the brides` maternal uncle Mama as a blessing and well wishing for her married life. Offering Chunni to the bride to signify that from this time onwards she is the bearer of the respect of the groom`s family.
Know as mosadoo mameru .for groom similar ceremonies:
Sehra Bandhan .
Groom gets ready for the wedding dressed up with a Sehra ,if he is Hindu Punjabi, tied by his sisters over his face.

The Groom makes the journey  to the weeding venue with his family and friends where he is greeted in the car park or at the entrance by the family of the bride groom. after a custom made ceremony ,according to the both families,the procession goes to the wedding hall.


Either at the entrance of the hall or inside the hall at a designated ,usually an isle made by the mandap arrangers,Pokhnoo is performed.This cast away the evil and has a Vedic meaning to it as well  I will explain at the ceremony if you wish.


The Groom is made comfortable and seated along with his best man,now the parents in law to be joins him in the mandap,I look at the guest and make sure very one has accommodated themselves and are ready for the ceremony.After a brief introduction and a welcome the wedding begins.Sankalpa is made by the bride parents that on this auspicious day we in front of Lord Ganesh and The Grahadi Devtas the Mandap Matrukas Kuldevi and so on; that is my domain ,are going to give our daughter to this man, so let us have the appropriate Puniya for this Kanyadan.The Groom is asked that we wish to worship you as Lord Vishnu may we have your permission.


Now the Groom is worshiped as Lord Vishnu He offered Vishter ,Achminium, Padhium and so on ,followed by the Manglaashtak ,Gowtra Uchar,the Bride is eagerly waiting for my cue to announce"KANYA PADHRAWO SAWADHAN!!!" She walks down the isle usually accompanied by her maternal uncles or her friends, arrives in the mandap,to face her love ,at an appropriate moment that is caculated by me according to their Jan ma Kundli ,at a prices moment the veil Antar Patt is lifted off so both their eyes meet ,they garland each other ,with the Varmala I unite them and tie them into Sanatan matrimony by the Knot Chedda Cheddi.Now the Family rituals follow if you are Mistrys then there is Addllo Paddllo ,if Kutchies then Kaniyadan ,if Brahman Chabb with moddiyo and the Brides Garchodoo to worn at the Mangal Ferras,Now although having had extensive experience in my field, I do need elaborations of your family traditions and rituals.Usually four married ladies from either side bless the couple while they are seated face to face .


The bride starts the fire in the Agni Kaunda ,the mouth of the Universe ,all the Garhaddi Devtas are worshiped and offered aAhuti , Four brothers of the bride are on stand by to bless their sister on her commitment to follow her husband in Dharma ,Arth, Kama and moksh. 


1. In your grief, I shall fill your heart with courage and strength. In your happiness, I shall rejoice, and I promise you that I will please you always with sweet words and take care of the family and children.
2. We promise that we shall discharge all responsibilities of the household life.
3. You shall be the only person to whom I shall love and respect as my life partner. I will love you with single-minded devotion.
4. I will decorate your life.
5. I will share both in your joys and sorrows. Your love will make me trust and honor you. I will carry out your wishes.
6. In all acts of righteousness, in every form of enjoyment and divine acts, we promise that we shall participate.
7. As per God and Holy Scriptures, I have become yours. Whatever promises we gave, we have spoken in pure mind. We will be truthful to each other in all things. We will love, respect and honor each other and our marriage will be forever and ever.


Kannsar is always sweet ,just as this Kansar is sweet may our married life be full of sweetness.


This where the bride is pronounced as Sobhagyewati and a property of her Husband the Mangal sootra is a licence around her neck to pronounce that she is now an honorable wife to bear the dynasty of her in laws. 


 Again as per Family customs they are united in SURTIS there is sat pedhi ,in Saurashtra there is Haggis and exchange of Sweets and Tilak.




  As per the original scripture after the hastmelap and the Kaniyadan pryog there is an additional dan a charity given to the groom , Gauw Cow Dan, Bhumi Dan, Dasi a maid in Dan, Saaya Quilt beddings Dan, Agulika Ring Dan,  Kunddal Dan , Ashwra Horse Dan, Hathi Elephant Dan, Dharna Dan, Bhayansh  Buffalo Cow Dan and a fwe more . The reason for omitting this part from the ceremony given above is, that collectively all the Dan gets classified as Dowry , which can be, a very live issue at the least and a  criminal offence if demanded , therefore have been omitted.

All of my ceremonies are well planed in addavance so all the deatils will be taken care of. 



  Once again thank you for conducting our second son Matthew's wedding to Deema. A thought provoking ceremony between two religions.

Neelam Worthington.

Hi Dipak,

Sorry for the late reply. Everything is well with us, we are back from honeymoon and already looking for a mortgage! :)


We are still waiting for our main professional photographs. Once I receive them, I will send you some more, but please find attached some pics here.

Our feedback is that everything went very well and you produced many fans during the wedding - even today when we speak to friends, they ask 'where did you find that priest, he was great)! You really did a fantastic job and made everything very easy for us and very enjoyable for the guests.

Many thanks,


namaste pandit dipak,it been a great pleasure to get married in your home temple with the help of all your famillies.i would like to thanks each individual who took part to get us religiously married and a big thank you to you for all you done and organised for us.it was a wonderfull and memorable day for us.the wedding was well placed as all the ceremonies been covered with the pujas you have done for us successfully,i am enclosing some of the beautifull photographs as atachments and you will receive them in several emails. we will catch up with everybody soon again as a thanks giving day a big thank you from pravin and sunita

Dear Panditji Dipakbhai Bhatt,

sorry for the late response as we have just about recovered from the wedding and the honeymoon please find the attached photos of the wedding ceremony which was conducted so well , truly amazing the way you explained everything in English, everyone present had a good time especially our English guest . Nisha sends you her regards and apologize for not being nice to you initially, at first she thought it would be an ordinary wedding ceremony but you went  beyond her belief, she says you brought a new dimension to the Shree Sanatan Dharma, while entertaining with your spot on sense of humor , from bottom of our hearts thank you very much for being our priest.

 yours truely Anita and Daren Davis.

Hi Dipak bhai,

                       Thank you very much for being a real help for playing a major part in planning and into an eventual success of our daughter’s wedding Vanda to Ravi. Saran and Monoj Kohl. Best wishes well done.

Hi Dipak, spot on thank you very much turely impresed at the way you kept our guest attentive with such an ease , I have witnesed wedding where priest shout and stop the wedding till every one is silent , no one is allowed to breath almost ! my daughter jasminy was so happy you made an mark , we thought it will be imposible almost 800 was the turn out ,sorry to text in a hurry will come to see you soon. Bharti Hirani .


 Dear Dipakbhai
Just wanted  to  say a big thank you for presiding over our marriage ceremony on the 18th April.
Matthew and I both agreed you did a fantastic job, everyone was speaking very positively about the way you conducted the ceremony, making Matthew feel welcomed and including all the non Indian guests at the wedding.  Your humour and delivery made the wedding all the more enjoyable.
Best wishes and hope to see you soon
Mina Patel



Dear Dipakbhai

thank you very much you was so good we gave you the time to get most out of you . which belive my words , 2 hours . and every one litsen to you wow the way ladies huged you .. my word you should go in show business ... yours baby girl VASALI   PATEL . sent from my black berry.

Hi Dipakbhai ,

So nice of you to come all the away to Normandy for our wedding cerremony , all our guest said some nice things about you , I just want to say a big thank you . 

Prvina .

Dear Dipakbhai ,

So nice of you to conduct my Santak , I met your father when I got married to my first wife he was the priest then , I appriciate all that you done for me personaly l loved your humor nice upgrade ceremony for me.

Devasis Mistry.

Hi Dipakbhai,

A quick mail to tell you was really very good in performing my wedding , pre wedding and post wedding , thank you very much for your promptness and your help I'm sending you the photos of the wedding please do put them on your website.

Jane and Mercuss Hamilton.


Dear Dipakbhai ,

Thank you so much for your help and perfoming the wedding of our Son Devkumar to Elisa , both were so happy as you kept our guest  laughing throught out the ceremony , my word you are in wrong trade you shouldf try commedy , but nevertheless you know the priesthood throughly that  what I personally liked  ,as I told you my father was Hindu Priest , throughness of the ceremony with mantras wow thank you hope to meet you again soon .

Markande Girjashanker Bhavanishanker Sharama.


Dear Dipak , 

Thank you for your insight into planing of my daughter's wedding, I'm really happy to have met you , I appreciate your time and effort through out from the time we called you first , I was impressed by your arrogance , and here  we are now, all over  , I got your email and the photographs from you of our wedding wow . Thank you so much , please do not put any phoptos of our wedding on your  website, thank you for everything you done for us want to come for a Darshan soon at your Mandir .


Anandshawree Chaturpadhiya .