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We perform a tailor made Ceremony ,need less to say , you as our yajman do count you have your say while we guide you and set everything to precision so both of us are comfortable we travel all over U.K. AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. We discuss at great length and rehearse to bring your dream wedding to light in a Hindu way.Look at the details given in our weddings tab.

Satyanarayan Katha


The Katha is from the Puranic coming from the Skhandh Puran where the Lord Vishnu has given the benediction that who ever performs this Satay vrat pooja  he have his wishes full filled.


Shanti Havan

Shanti Havan is performed to bring about peace within the home ,to bless your family members the whole dynasty.

Graha Shanti

The nine planets as well as the Sun and the whole Cosmos is brought to your presence to worship.Usually this is done at the time of marriage and done on many occasions when ever a wish is fulfilled,

Shiv Rudrabhishek.

Shiv Rudra Abhishekam is performed by pouring milk and water ,with panchamrut while reciting the the Rudri or the Shiv Mahima Stotra over the Shiv Ling ,Our temple dose so every Shivaratri the birth day of Lord Shiva.Shiv the Bhole Nath,as the name suggest is humble and easily pleased God of the trinity ; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv the Bhole Nath or Mahesh.He readily gives Benedictions to every one even the devils or the evil spirits the Bhut and the Pisach {GHOST ANDTHE SPIRIT}are his constant companions,the Deity of the Crematorium Ground his residential address!!! as he is in charge of devastation. Rudri is perform on birthdays to bring the blessings of lord Shiva any time when you feel a need of strength or to over come any type of illness.

Nav Durga Shakti archana and YAGNA.

Yagna means a Sholom promise or determination ,there are two distinct personality in every individuals,or the two ego system within the self :Jackal and Hide .The Intelligent and the Mind .The mind has 6 forces playing in interactions to keep you happy, the Kama , the Krodh ,the Lobh, the Mo ha,the Maad and finally the Madsar.In English the sexual desire or any desire,and if that desire is not full filled result is Anger the KROADH!!!! ,the Greed :to acquire and not to spend,the Mo ha sense of ownership and finally jealousy THE MADSAR.The intelligent works on a binary system of 1 and 0 the right and wrong ,There is an inter play between this two systems of the mind and the intelligent the result is confusion brought about by your own self .To over come this confusion state there is the pooja the Yagna [the solemn promise]. This will build your self confidence, help you to over come your vices and bad habits.

kal sarp dosh

These has to be done when following symptoms develops in youth in-coordination ,confusion,lousiness .The young child can not know left from right at the age of 20 till 30 years.

Nandhi shradh

 An follow up to the above and as a  reciprocation will carry on till next life.The shard is any good deed in the remembrance of the departed loved once.The end comes as a beginning of new hopes for the future. Just as in the sharda there is the tar pan poojan in presence of the Yam Devta, Satyas Devta ,Brahma, Vishnu,Mahesh and Ganpati followed by a havan.

The Navagraha Pooja

According to the movements of the planets certain events takes place just as the gravitational forces governs the physical equilibrium ,Similarly the movements of the planets brings about the destiny .The horoscope tells you in which particular order the planets where at the time of the birth accordingly some planets are not in favorable position, so in order to maximize their strength certain fasting on particular days have to be observed and poojas have to be performed accordingly,such as the mangal vrat for people finding it difficult to find partners for marriage or who are manglik with mangal in the sixth position.

Vastu Puja and Vastu Havan .Gruhapravesam Pooja HOME BLESSING

When a new house is built or when you move into a new house Vastu pooja or Havan is performed as this brings about the purity of the place because no one knows what happened in the history of that particular land ,as I know for my self I love my house when I will go to merge into the absolute I will still be attached to my house,so to cast away any attachment of the previous owner or any other influence we perform vastoo pooja and havan to bring about good luck and prosperity.Starting a business on a new premises ,or an office from home have a similar pooja with Vastoo poojan and the blessing to start on a right note musically eventually leading onto monetary notes.

Gayatri Havan Yagna

Gayatri Mata is the Mata of the Vedas. There are four Vedas ,Rig Veda,Yajur Veda,Samved and Arthwa Veda.That is why Panchmukhi Gayatri Mata has four extra faces representing each one of the Veda like the lord Brahma the father of Saraswati the Godess of Knowledge.Gaytri Yagna is performed to bring about happiness within the family .

Randal Mata Poojan.

          Randal Mata is the wife of the Sun God Shree Suryanarayan, She is the ultimate energy,as the sun is the ultimate source of energy the Shakti.Vishavakarma is the Father of Shree Randal Mata ,I believe Vishvakarma is the assisstant ,the acctual form of Lord Brahma,One day Randal mata got very tired of all the radiance flowing from the Suryanarayan; the heat was too much for her to bear ,She went to the parents house and said "My Father I need salvation" as the heat from my husband is over whelming .Father due to his vow to Suryanarayan in the lagana mandap was embezzled, but being a creator he came with a solution and created a duplicate Randal Mata . The duplicate Randal Mata went back to Suryanarayan, he produce more children with her ,but one day he noticed that she was being biased  towards the children of the original Randal Mata and eventually discovered the fraud !!! Since that day the Randal Mata  comes to your home in pair as Lotas ,From two to eight Lotas ,IF MORE THEN EIGHT THEN THEY BECOME A JAAG. One as the original the other as the duplicate.The JAAG has to be performed for seven days continously for each lota you have to invite seven goinies, for two: fourteen goinies,for four: twenty eight goinies,for more then EIGHT ????then that becomes a JAAG.You have to do the pooja for seven days inviting  alternatIve goinies for each day, So 56 alternate goinies a day.Now a days in london there are so called Bhuvas and Mandirs ,who perform Randalmata pooja 108 Randalmata Lotas in one day !!!!!!! only RANDAL MATA KNOWS OF WHAT AND HOW AND WHY OF THEIR MOTIVES.BUT if more then eight lotas that is definatly a JAAG.



This ceremony involves the provocations of the Gods just as in the Graha shanti then the Havan,  eventuly the Batuk takes his vowes and the sacred thereard is worn by him to maitain celibacy and to be serious in his carrear seeking till he can suport his wife on his own.





This subject to some may appear to be some what mistisism but, I with all the studies and expirience I have concluded that if properly applied this is a science to be explored as each minute part of the second is predictable provided the data is correct ,even with sort fall such as not remembering the time of birth,the predictions of what lies ahead can be made.We do Match Making and Horoscope,as well as Plamistry.Generaly have the skills to address your pridicaments.










DASMOO, AGEEYARMOO,BARMOO AND TERMOO A poojan done on the tenth day,eleventh day,twelfth day and the thirteenth day after the death of a person.Normally all four days poojan is done on the same day for convenience,which includes Narayan Bali ,Tarpan, Pindsanyojan Yurtotsargg and Havan a complete poojan with through explanation for the benefit of the grieving relatives.


I serve TELUGU community from the South of India to NEPALESE community from the north of India. 

India is a very vast land and there are a lot of regional differeances, everything changes after every twelve villages, I do serve so many people and offer my services with utmost respect.

I do take a lot of interest in my occupation and will serve to the best of my abilties and take care of regional differences, based own your individual beliefs. we serve the muti culturaled society of U.K. and the rest of the world.

I will work  with you and plan your ceremonies with the regional differences as well as contemporary beliefs with the knowledge that I  have accumulated  for over thirty years of my life as a Hindu Priest.